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Travel health

07 January 2019

Cruise in the Caribbean and Flu

My spouse and I boarded the Princess Caribbean on December 19, 2018 for 14 days. 3110 passengers and 1200 crew members, which makes a lot of people on the ship.

We have planned everything before: the end of October, flu vaccine and against shingles, end of November, vaccine against traveler's diarrhea (Dukoral) and complete travel health kit including a thermometer.

On the 2nd day of this cruise, my partner started having a sore throat and a bit of a cough. The 3rd day, cough, chills and a little fever.  Day 4, fat cough, fever, runny nose, chills and fatigue.

So we decided to consult the ship's doctor to make sure it's only a cold. During this consultation, they gave my spouse a test and they confirmed that he had a fever of 38.5 and that he had influenza with type A virus.

So mask to wear and insulation in the cabin for 24 hours. Prescription Tamiflu (antiviral) for him 2 times a day for 5 days and for me in prophylaxis 1 time per day for 10 days but I am not in isolation so I can get out of the cabin.

What we have learned is that when a person is put in isolation, they can not leave the cabin or the ship because each time a message is displayed indicating their insulation whether in a bar, at restaurant or security to get out of the ship.

Meanwhile, a disinfection brigade comes every day to comb the cabin and clean everything up. The last day of the isolation they came to do this cleaning for one last time and then our housekeeper continued alone.

As long as the medical clinic does not remove this isolation from its computer, the message is displayed everywhere.

It was learned at our expense because after his isolation, the message was not erased and to go to our excursion the day after tomorrow, my spouse had to wait for the medical clinic confirms that his insulation was over to be able to leave the ship. Subsequently the message was removed everywhere.

Fortunately the rest of the cruise went well and the return home too.

So before you go on a trip:

Be sure to consult a travel health professional for advice and receive all the vaccinations required for your trip.

The people most at risk of developing a severe flu-like illness while cruising are: young children, older people (aged 65 and over) and those with weakened immune systems (cancer, HIV, others)

Christine Dumontet RN (+ than 22 cruises to my credit)
President Dumontet CSV Inc 
Travel Health Assist


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