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25 January 2019

Lunar New Year Asia

The year of the PIG (year 4717) will begin on February 5, 2019;
it will end on January 24, 2020 to make room for the sign of the Metal Rat.

The Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year (Nongli Xinnian) also called Spring Festival (Chunjie) or Tet Festival in Vietnam is the most important festival for Asian communities around the world.

The term Nongli Xinnian literally means "New year of the agricultural calendar" because it is celebrated according to the Chinese calendar which is luni-solar.

This holiday is a moment that we enjoy taking holidays and meeting with family.

The festivities extend over a fortnight, starting from the new Moon until the first full moon of the year which corresponds to the festival of lanterns.

Pig / Pork is the 12th and last animal of the Chinese zodiac cycle.

According to popular belief, he is sincere, honest, confident, sociable, hard-working and obstinate. Pigs are said to be good with Sheep / Goat and Rabbit / Hare, and very bad with the Snake.

Some Asian families travel on this occasion from one end of the world to another (for example from Europe to Asia or from Europe to America) to join other members of their family or even the whole family together.

Happy New Year 2019


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Festival asiatique Nouvel an lunaire