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Travel health

28 April 2019

Vaccination Travel Clinic: Consult our members

Contact a Travel Health Assist Clinic member to receive your vaccinations and advice before traveling abroad.


Health Travel Assist accompanies travel clinics and pharmacies


The mission of Travelhealthassist.com is to provide to healthcare professionals, a high-quality computerized assistance and reference tool and to make reliable and useful information on travel health accessible to the public.

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Visits and Consultations for your travel

Do you have the sting of traveling? Vaccination Centers members of Travel Health Assist have the expertise, the experience and the team for all travelers who wish to make the most of their stay abroad.

Vaccination against yellow fever is essential (although not obligatory for some authorities of the country) for the endemic areas of Intertropical Africa and South America.

For certain destinations, supplementary vaccination is recommended depending on the health situation of the country visited and the vaccination status of the traveler.

Depending on the destination, the type of travel, the season, adapted advice will be offered to protect you against malaria and other travel diseases.




Health Travel specialty clinics offer the vast majority of the mandatory and recommended vaccination you will need during your trip.

On the basis of vaccinal obligations and recommendations for your trip, the medical staff will administer the vaccines you have decided to carry out and issue an international vaccination certificate.

Vaccination remains the most effective means of prevention against many diseases. With this simple gesture, it is easy to protect yourself and your loved ones.


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Travel Health Information and Counseling

Travel Health Assist

During the travel consultation, the medical staff advises you and informs you how to prevent the risks related to your trip, depending on your health, your history and the type of trip envisaged.

A contact sheet for the pharmacist or your doctor may also be given to you, according to your destination and the type of trip, a preventive treatment against malaria / malaria (Atovaquone-proguanil, Doxycycline and other antimalarials) and the list of drugs and equipment necessary for your health baggage (mosquito nets, repellents and insecticides, small emergency equipment ...).

If your condition or state of health does not allow you to be vaccinated (pregnancy, allergies ...), the medical staff will give you a certificate of contraindication that you can present to the competent authorities to obtain your visa or cross the border.

Trust the vaccination clinics members of Travel Health Assist

Registered members of Travel health Assist are assisted and advised to help the best travelers. At all times, they benefit from reliable, up-to-date information from recognized travel health sources. They will be able to provide you with the best information tailored to your needs on recommended vaccines, relevant warnings and special situations.

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Are you a professional in Travel Health?
Find all the information on international health with the
Professional Package and Corporate Package

When traveling, regardless of your destination or physical condition, a consultation with a trained health professional is expected at least 6 weeks before your departure.

Christine Dumontet RN 

President Dumontet CSV Inc and founder of Travel Health Assist

Medical Staff