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Travelhealthassist.com is an on-line reference tool designed to assist you in deciding what vaccines to administer and what advice to give to your client. The content of this site is presented for information only.


The data and information on the Travelhealthassist.com site come from sources deemed reliable. For all its efforts, Travelhealthassist.com cannot however guarantee that they are always accurate, complete or up to date. 


The information on the Travelhealthassist.com site is provided for guidance only and should in no way constitute information upon which a user or another person may base a decision or advice of any nature whatsoever. The information contained on the Travelhealthassist.com site cannot replace the advice given by a physician, a pharmacist, a nurse or any other health care professional and must never be used to prescribe, self-prescribe or take medication, natural products or vaccines, nor to diagnose or give professional advice. 


Travelhealthassist.com accepts no responsibility for the use of the information provided on this site and for any resulting consequence.


Travelhealthassist.com has links with other sites, which is not to mean that Travelhealthassist.com checks, certifies, recommends or approves their content or the products and services offered. Travelhealthassist.com is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, quality or currency of the information found on these other sites nor for the products and services offered or advertised on these sites. 

The site contains some sections that are only accessible by members, which a user name and password were awarded by Travelhealthassist.com. These username and passwords remain the property of Dumontet CSV inc. and may therefore be canceled or suspended at any time by the latter, in its sole discretion, without notice and without incurring any liability whatsoever.


The user of this site is surfing at his/her own risk.The user indemnifies and holds harmless Travelhealthassist.com for any liability arising from any problem or prejudice whatsoever that the user or any other person could incur when accessing and/or using this site, including but not limited to the presence of a virus or of any destructive element, notwithstanding that Travelhealthassist.com was aware or could have been aware of this eventuality. 


Travelhealthassist.com offers no guarantee as to the longevity of this site and reserves the right to close it at any time without notice and at its fullest discretion. Travelhealthassist.com cannot be held liable for any prejudice or inconvenience suffered further to the discontinuation of this site, except, if applicable, for the prorata reimbursement of package deals in effect at the time they were paid. Travelhealthassist.com can control the use and access of this site. The latter may be accessed « as is » and may only be modified by Travelhealthassist.com. 


Travelhealthassist.com, its officers, directors, employees and agents cannot under any circumstances be sued in relation to the use of this site, and no compensation will be allocated to a user or to any other person. Any user shall accept to compensate Travelhealthassist.com, its officers, administrators and/or employees for misusing this site and/or failing to comply with the conditions of use or with this legal opinion. Any user or any other person suffering any prejudice or disagreeing in any way with the conditions of use or with the content of this opinion is invited to leave this site immediately. 


This site is protected by copyright and is the property of Dumontet CSV Inc. This site, its content, material, information and/or trademarks herein contained cannot, totally or in part, be reproduced, copied, published transmitted, communicated or used, in any way whatsoever, without first obtaining the written consent of Dumontet CSV Inc.


The user surfing on this site is deemed to be aware of this opinion and accept its scope. In this regard, the user assumes full responsibility for his/her surfing on this site and indemnifies and holds harmless Dumontet CSV Inc and Travelhealthassist.com from any liability in this regard.