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Christine Dumontet : Questions santé voyage et vaccination


Brazil, Rio Carnival from March 2nd to 9th, 2019: Reminder

19 February 2019

Brazil, Rio Carnival from March 2nd to 9th, 2019: Reminder

Rio Carnival: Essentials to Remember


In Brazil, the Rio Carnival will take place between March 2 and 9, 2019, and every year around 500,000 international visitors go there. Every day, costumed balls will be improvised in all the districts of the megalopolis and free concerts will be organized everywhere (especially on the Floriano praça, Machado Largo and Arcos do Lapa).


1: Before departure: 

It is essential for the traveler to consult a health care professional if possible 4 to 6 weeks before your departure.


2: Mosquitoes are a problem ...


  • Brazil has faced an epidemic of yellow fever. Vaccination is recommended for many parts of the country, including the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo! The risk of Zika virus, dengue fever or Chikungunya infection is still present throughout the country, including in big cities. These viral diseases are transmitted by mosquitoes during the day (from dawn to dusk).


  • As for malaria, which is transmitted by mosquitoes that sting in the evening and at night, there is no risk in the center of cities, but the risk is not negligible if you travel in the Amazon region, the North and North West.

3. The traveler's diarrhea can spoil a stay ....


4. Security


It is essential for the traveler to:

  • be constantly vigilant in public places;
  • avoid neighborhoods deemed dangerous;
  • take a taxi for any night travel;
  • never go out unaccompanied;
  • respect the instructions of the local authorities;
  • Regularly check local media and other sources for possible security threats.

5. On return:


In order to avoid the spread of dengue, chikungunya or Zika virus in the event of a fever of sudden onset and joint or muscle pain within 15 days after the return trip, it is necessary to consult immediately by signaling his trip.