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Christine Dumontet : Questions santé voyage et vaccination

President Dumontet CSV Inc. Nurse

CDC removes travel health advisory for cruises

30 March 2022

CDC removes travel health advisory for cruises

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced the removal of its travel health advisory for cruises

If you are sick, report your illness.
Each year, millions of U.S. citizens go on a cruise for their vacation. In 2016, approximately 11.5 million passengers boarded cruises from North American ports (Cruise Lines International Association data). Traveling on cruise ships exposes people to new environments and high concentrations of people, including fellow travelers. This exposure can create a risk of illness through contaminated food or water or, more often, through person-to-person contact.

Follow these tips for a healthy cruise.
If you are sick, report your illness.

Before your trip:
- Ask your cruise line if there are alternative cruise options.
- Consult a doctor to find out if it's safe for you to go to sea.

Wash your hands often!
Why: To avoid exposing yourself and others to anything that can cause illness and facilitate the spread of germs.

When: Wash your hands often, but especially after using the bathroom and before eating or smoking.

Take care of yourself.
Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water.

Why: Resting helps strengthen your immune system. Drinking water helps prevent dehydration.

Walk away if you see someone who is sick (vomiting or diarrhea).
Report it to the cruise staff if they have not already been notified.


Have a good vacation from Travel Heath Assist team 

Source: CDC: Advice for a healthy cruise