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Christine Dumontet : Questions santé voyage et vaccination

President Dumontet CSV Inc. Nurse

Dengue fever in Monroe County: Florida

04 July 2020

Dengue fever in Monroe County: Florida

Monroe County, FL: June26, 2020


The Florida Department of Health in Monroe County (DOH-Monroe) has received laboratory confirmation of eight additional cases of Dengue fever. All indications are that these infections were locally acquired.


These individuals have received medical treatment and are expected to make a full recovery. 


This is the tenth confirmed case of Dengue this year in Monroe County.


The emergence of these Dengue cases reinforces the importance for the public to prevent
insect bites and to take basic precautions to help limit exposure.


These measures include intact windows and screens and the use of air conditioning, keeping the area around the residence free from containers that collect water, wearing protective clothing and the
appropriate use of insect repellents.

Source: Florida Health, Dengue Fever in Monroe County