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Christine Dumontet : Questions santé voyage et vaccination

President Dumontet CSV Inc. Nurse

Indonesia : Dengue Fever

09 November 2019

Indonesia : Dengue Fever

Health officials in Indonesia have reported a higher number of cases of dengue fever nationwide through October 2019.


At least 110,921 cases have been reported, which is significantly higher than the 65,602 cases recorded in all of 2018.


According to officials, the majority of cases were found in Java or Bali, with 61,701 total cases, followed by Sumatra. Further spread of the disease is expected over the coming months.


The level of risk of dengue fever changes seasonally, and varies from year to year. After a decline in reported dengue cases worldwide in 2017 and 2018, global numbers have been steeply rising again.

Mosquitoes carrying dengue typically bite during the daytime, particularly around sunrise and sunset.


November 2019